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The design of the entire website, including colours, graphics, settings and programming code along with its contents such as texts, product descriptions, images and logos are property of, which reserves all its legal rights in accordance with the copyright laws.

Particular texts and images not owned by are used only with the consent of their respective owners.

The use, the reproduction and the republication of any content appearing in the present website without the written consent of is strictly prohibited.


Personal and Sensitive Data

The present website can be accessed without requiring the disclosure of the users’ identity. complies with the regulations concerning the protection of its users’ personal data therefore it doesn’t keep and store any information without the users’ consent.

Users wishing to accomplish any commercial transaction with the company are supposed to have read and accepted the terms of use in advance. The disclosure of the users’ data is a prerequisite for the accomplishment of any transaction and implies their full compliance with the terms of use along with their undertaking that their data are correct, true and valid. uses and maintains only those users’ personal data which are essential for the site’s convenient operation. These data do not include sensitive personal information such as, credit card numbers, passwords etc. When a transaction is completed via a credit card or Pay Pal, the user is directed to the respective website, concerning electronic ways of payment, where he inserts either his personal account or his credit card number respectively. assumes no responsibility regarding this particular part of transaction. The data inserted by the users are sent electronically either to Pay Pal or to the cooperative bank which bear the sole responsibility for their proper use.

In no case users are entitled to register using the identity data of another person or enroll using false, incorrect or corrupted information. Should such an attempt comes to the instant attention of, the latter reserves the right to cancel the pending transaction and delete the user. In case that becomes aware of such a mischief in retrospect, it reserves the right of claiming compensation for any accomplished transaction as well as, the right of claiming any legal right. does not make any unfair utilization of users’ personal information without the users’ prior consent. Moreover, it does not disclose, publish, sell or exchange personal data and information of registered users. Exceptionally, this may happen, always abided by the statutory process, when imposed by a public authority such as Public Prosecutor’s Office, Court, etc. undertakes no responsibility for potential organized hacker attacks intending to the stealing of users’ personal information.

In addition, the company reserves the right to inform suppliers with sales statistics of, which however do not contain any personal information that could lead to the identification of individuals.

Occasionally, some personal data may be used by the company to inform users about special offers, new products and new services that may be of their interest.

Finally, users are eligible to change their personal details, at any time, by completing the relevant online form or even, to cancel their personal account by sending a related email to the webmaster.

Advertising Messages provides users the option of receiving promotional – informational messages about new products available in the market, current promotions, payment arrangements, etc., in their electronic or postal address or by telephone. This service is not misused.

Cookies may use cookies as part of the facility and operation of services through its website. The cookies are small files (text files), which are sent to and stored in users’ computers, allowing sites like, to operate seamlessly and in a way that facilitates its users. These cookies do not cause any harm to users’ computers or to the files that are kept in.


Transaction Security follows all the required procedures to ensure the security of transactions made ​​via Pay Pal or credit card by keeping in line with the processes and best practices applied by Pay Pal or by the cooperative bank respectively. does not maintain a database of users’ credit card numbers therefore it is incapable of proceeding to any debit or credit action of them. However, in case of a failure to the electronic automatic client billing system, a malfunction or a corresponding case of technical problems, clients may be asked to provide their credit card data and assent to an exceptionally manual charge. Should the user consent to a manual debit of his credit card, the data provided by him are used only once for a specific transaction and then are destroyed thoroughly. In case of no user consent and if the technical problem continues to prevent the automatic debit of his credit card, the transaction is postponed until the recovery of the technical problem or even cancelled.

In case a transaction is completed via Pay Pal or a credit card, user is redirected to the respective electronic payment website where he inserts his account information or his credit card data. Concerning this particular part of the transaction bears no responsibility at all. Specifically, user must verify that he has indeed moved to the correct website and that he really provides the sensitive data to the correct entity. This should be done by checking the digital identification of the third website as well as by ensuring that he actually performs encrypted transaction with the respective operator via SSL.

In case of a user’s lack of technical knowledge or unfamiliarity with electronic transactions, he must communicate with electronically or by telephone requesting for a technical assistance in completing the transaction. Should the user does not comply with that particular term of use he bears the sole responsibility for the proper execution of the transaction and his billing.

Returns and Withdrawals

Users have the right of withdrawal and return of goods, provided that they are in their original condition, within 14 calendar days from the day of the order delivery. In this case users are only charged with the return cost. (Greek Law 2251/94, Article 4, § 10)

Defective or Damaged Goods bears no responsibility for potential defective, damaged or poor quality products traded via the website as all products are received from suppliers packed.

If a product proves defective or received spoiled, users should inform the company promptly, on the delivery day, by phone or email for its direct replacement, or the refund of money. In this case the company is charged with the return cost.

Product Delivery Time

For the best service of its customers, commits itself to product delivery within its strict time limits as these are designated particularly for each region. These are presented in detail in the section ways of delivery of this website.

Product Availability

For the best service of its customers, aims to the continuous availability of the products traded via its website. Nevertheless, due to the special or seasonal nature of specific goods, there is a great potential of temporal shortage. In this case users will be informed about potential deficiencies via email in order to indicate if they wish the modification, postponement or cancellation of their order.


Force Majeure

If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) the delivery of products within the predetermined time is not possible, users will be informed via email, to indicate if they wish, under these conditions the completion of their order.

Applicable Law

Transactions made ​​via are governed by the laws relating to electronic commerce, as well as the relevant legislation on consumer protection (Law 2251/1994) for purchases by distance.

In case of litigation between and a consumer the competent authority is the court of Trikala.