The Old Arcade


The old arcade, designed by engineer Menandros Potessarios, was built in 1890 during the tenure of Mayor George Kanoutas, in the area currently occupied by the services of the Regional Unity of Trikala.
It was a neoclassical stone building in oriental style, with four arched entrances, inside of which operated 68 stores, including butcher, fish and grocer shops, coffee places as well as trip and barber shops. In the center of the interior there was a graphic fount (a type of manual pump) with plenty of cool water, satisfying the arcade’s needs.


A few meters away from the north entrance, dominated a plane tree surrounded by a stone mantel, in the shadow of which various outdoor vendors and itinerant traders, such as cobblers, bootblacks, coopers, ice-cream, julep and kebab sellers were resting.


For many decades, the old arcade was the financial center and one of the city’s most distinctive and impressive buildings, while it constituted one of the most stunning closed markets in Greece.
Unfortunately, in 1969 it was decided by Mayor Matis and the City Council the demolition of the historical market to build in the same location a new awkward high-rise building which would be rent, generating revenues for the municipality. However, with this hasty and rash decision the Municipal Authority sacrificed the elegance and the aesthetics on the altar of money, yet destroying a piece of the city’s history.

The old arcade, a model of architecture and elegance and symbol of Trikala’s economic activity for many years, was associated entirely with the city and through time, evolved to a mythical figure. Therefore, even today it keeps fascinating, appealing and inspiring admiration.