The idea for madeintrikala.gr was generated in 2011 and all due procedures were launched into implementation the very same year by a group of three friends. It took endless hours of research to gather information on the area’s history and tradition, long meetings with local producers to evaluate and select the best products and, of course, continuous travelling and restless walking in all corners of the county with a camera in hand, a little inspiration and a lot of patience.
After almost two years of intensive work, the completion of the project didn’t seem feasible and the initial enthusiasm, gradually, abandoned the team resulting in the termination of the venture.
However, the initiator had never practically walked out on his idea and after a lot of personal work, plenty of zeal and perseverance, eventually proceeded to the creation and operation of the website on December 18, 2017, fulfilling a personal dream.


The Business

It is a combination of an online comprehensive tourist guide, with thorough folklore references to Trikala County and an electronic retail and wholesale store of local products. It is based in Trikala and cooperates with more than 20 local producers, mostly personal and family businesses, agricultural associations, handicrafts and small industries all of which produce qualitative certified goods with pure raw materials.
The logo depicts the firm’s name in full, written in a font resembling a manuscript which symbolizes the tradition, the genuineness and the classic of our products. The green and the brown, dominant colours of nature, along with the two green leaves put instead of the dot in letter (i) represent the ample natural environment of Trikala and the natural ingredients featuring all local products. Finally, the tree, reminding of a child’s drawing, symbolizes the purity of raw materials and ingredients used in the production of all goods.


Our Mission

The selection and trading of goods with special taste, high quality, nutritional value and aesthetics, produced in Trikala district, under a recognizable and well-established brand name as well as the county’s touristic development through the promotion of its natural beauties and cultural heritage.


Our Objectives

  • The selection and merchandising of high-quality, native products in all over the world.
  • The distinction of the classic and genuine tastes of the traditional cooking of Trikala and its adoption from the new generations.
  • The spread of gastronomy and tradition of Trikala.
  • The support of the local producers and the boost of the native economy.
  • The promotion of the district of Trikala via a “journey” in tastes, pictures, knowledge and experiences, contributing to its tourist development.


Our Vision

The establishment of a strong brand name with which Trikala and native products will become popular and sought after worldwide and our evolution into the leading business engaged in local-product trading and the county’s touristic promotion, also contributing to the strengthening of the native economy.


Our Values

  • We pursue to build our relationship with customers and collaborators based on sincerity and mutual benefit.
  • Company’s financial objectives must be subordinated to its priority which is the consumers’ care and satisfaction.
  • We set strict criteria, with particular sensitivity, to the selection of our products concerning raw materials, processes, quality, nutritional value, taste and aesthetics.
  • We make sure that each activity and company policy takes into consideration the social dimensions and environmental protection.
  • The specialized staff, good product knowledge, flexibility, creativity and appetite for innovation constitute the company’s core competences that contribute to continuous improvement, efficiency and modernization.
  • Company’s proper and harmonic operation is ensured not only by the strict implementation of laws and provisions but also from the corporate culture and employees’ personal morality.