78th Pan-Hellenic Mountaineering Fest

Ελάτη, Περτούλι, καταφύγιο Κόζιακα

The 78th Pan-Hellenic Mountaineering Fest will take place on mount Koziakas (1901 m.) in Trikala region, the weekend 21 and 22 July. It is a time-honored fest of the Greek Alpine Clubs, held every July in a different mountain of the count

It is a fest open to all hikers while the meeting point is the refuge in Bakola Plateau (1738 m.) with host the Trikala Alpine Club in cooperation with the Hellenic Alpine Federation.

The participant’s accommodation will be in the refuge, in tents or in the area’s hotels.

More info about the event as well as the maps of the suggested hiking routes can be found on http://koziakas2018.com

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