Jazz night at Tsitsanis Museum

Δίδυμο Οθωμανικό Λουτρό Τρικάλων και Μουσείο Τσιτσάνη Τρίκαλα, το εξωτερικό σιντριβάνι

On Sunday 29/04/2018 the Municipality of Trikala organizes a jazz music night at the Tsitsanis Museum with the participation of a Jazz Quartet, in its first appearance in our city, in order to celebrate the international jazz day.

The band consists of the singer Christina Mylossi and the musicians Tassos Matzaris on piano, George Smyrnis on bass and Alexandros Spanides on drums. They are all musicians from Thessaloniki, having in their resume many appearances (either as a band or solo) in different cities in all over Greece and abroad.

The Municipality and the band members are going to offer a beautiful music performance appealing not only to the jazz lovers but to anyone who would like to have an experience of the jazz culture.

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